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After reading the whole story, we know that… a. Which of the soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi statement dissertation writers in uae not true? Nowadays people prefer using small cars than big ones because they are more… a.

The woman begged the robber… a. Every night the street vendors walk along the road and…food and drink. Someone had stolen his car last night He…. We can also say… a. It started raining when I was walking to the library d. Suddenly he felt a current of cold air. He jumped out of bed. However, having forgotten the motion of the ship, he was instantly thrown violently across the room.


With difficulty he got up and groped his was towards the window which, to his surprise, he found wide open, for he was certain that he had fastened it securely before he went to bed. Sudenly, as he stood by the window, he distinctly heard something moving behind him and, a moment afterwards, as he turned to look, he heard a faint groan. He sprang across the room and jumped back into bed, only to discover to his horror that someone else was lying there. He pulled, but the soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi, whatever it was, tore itself out of his grasp, ran across the soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi, opened the door and rushed out.

Quickly Essay introductory words from his fright, he started to chase at top speed but he was too late. The passage outside his room was empty Choose the right statement! The story tells us about…. A bung lary at see c.

The case on board d. Why did Iwan Jumped out of bed and tried to get to the window? He knew that the Architecture dissertation presentation was open b. He was rest less and could not sleep c. He was thrown violently across the room e. He wanted to know where the cold the room 3.

Which of the following did not frigten Iwan? A sound unfamiliar to him c. The violent moving of the soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi d.

Finding somebody lying on his bed e. Touching something smooth and wet 4. Which of the following statements is true according to the text? Iwan was waiting in the dark Fatwa city thesis the creature b.

Iwan wondered why the window was open c. Seeing the window open, he immediately rain to close it d. Iwan jumped out of bed because he heard something moving e.

Iwan had forgatten to fasten the window when he went to bed 5.

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From the text we may conclude that… a. Iwan succeeded in catching the creature c. Iwan and the creature ran out the room together 6. Rendra has to take a part-time job during the vacation… he will not be able to rent a house a. My sister, Siska has all her dresses made because… a. This area is not suitable for farming because the soil is not…… a. Which sentence is correct? Do you soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi every Thursday evening the English program on television?

Do you watch on television the English program every Thursday evening? Do you watch the English program every Thursday evening on television?

Do you watch English program on television every Thursday evening? Every Thursday evening do you watch the English program on television?

I think Nuki is too young……an engineer a. The manager think Santi is a very …. The results of the test were…. He has to try soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi times because he wants to be the winner We can also say: As Rian left an hour ago, he should have arrived by now. From the underlined words we may conclude that Rian… a. The boy is now delivering the packages to the customers We can also say…. The customers are delivering the packages now b. The write my paper for me cheap are now delivered packages c.

The packages are now delivered by the boy d. The packages are now delivered to the customers e. The packages are now being delivered to the customers Mother promises to buy me a new red gown….

I wish I could come to you birthday party b. I wished I could come to your soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi party c. I wish I could have come to your birthday party d. I wished I could have come to your birthday party e. As I see him again, I feel happy We can also say: To see him again c.

Having seen him again d. In seeing him again e. By seeing him again The mathematics class started late that day b. There was no mathematics class that day c. The teacher cancelled the mathematics class d.

The teacher asked the students to leave the class e. Pomat, a Malupit shop owner, called a meeting to find out the views of the community on local government plants to close the Malupit Community School at the end of the present school year. Pomat acted as chairman of the meeting. Kazarin, the planning Officer of the Raval Education Department. Kazarin pointed out that there were now only fifty-three children Malupit Community School.

This was considered too high a number for one class under one teacher; and too low a number for the forming of two classes and the employment of two teacher. Luvako, who Business plan chicken poultry taught at the school for the past twenty-two years, would be retiring from the teaching service in July.

The Planning Office wished to take this opportunity to close the school, because it is expensive to run, and to move the children to two bigger schools in Raval, six miles away Mrs. Jarvis, the soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi of an eight-year-old boy at Malupi, asked what would happen about transport to Raval. Kazarin that the children would travel by bus.

This would be provided by the Raval Transport Department, and it would take Malupit children to and from school free of charge Another parent, Mr. Wiley, expressed the fear of many parent that closing the local school would mean that children of Malupit would not grow up with the same sense of community as in the past.

They soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi feel lost in the much larger schools in Raval. Kazarin replied that the Raval school were not very large, and that in any case, the children would have to go to Raval later for education at high-school level. The chairman voiced the view of the meeting when he said that there was good reason to believe that there would soon be more young children living in Malupit. It would be foolish, he said, to soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi the school, and then to find that there were more than enough local children to form two classes and employ two teachers.

A final point was made by Mr. Colmar, a retired businessman, that without Malupit Community School, there would be nowhere big enough for local clubs an organizations to hold their meetings.

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Choose the right statement! Which of the soal essay bahasa inggris kelas xi persons is a government official? The main discussion ot the meeting held by the Malupit community was about…. Luvako from the Malupit community school d. At the meeting, Mr. Kazarin stated that the local government would… a.

Why did the local government plan to close the Malupit community school? Malupit was only 6 miles from Raval e.